Our carve-out project was months behind schedule and in jeopardy of failing due to the flawed strategy of an incumbent vendor.
We engaged The Morris Group on short notice and they arrived onsite the next day to work with the team and assess the situation.
After a brief analysis, they determined that the current approach was not achievable and the vendor lacked the necessary skills to deliver.
Within a week’s time, TMG picked up the ball with a new plan to implement a simplified SAP system and transition of all IT systems, including labs, data and infrastructure within in a 1 year period.
Ed and team intrinsically understood our environment and onboarded new vendors that were both technically competent and a cultural fit for the site.
In addition to their technical knowledge, TMG’s deep understanding of FDA regulations ensured that we maintained GMP compliance during execution and provided guidance to our Quality Assurance group.
The project was delivered ahead of schedule avoiding millions in contractual penalties as well as a greatly reduced budget.
The Morris Group is the team we continue to count on for our IT & Governance strategy.
Jim Scandura
Chief Operating Officer
Avara Pharmaceutical Services
The Morris Group’s approach to this issue was great. They developed a great rapport with all of the technical teams and they were soon viewed as the people with the answers. The Morris Group continues to work well with these teams whenever their services are required. The Morris Group’s leadership and expertise is something I have come to rely upon. It is a comfort to know that I can always call on them whenever a problem develops.
Cathy Lilli